Anastasia’s Style by N.J. Walters
Valentine Vixens
Ellora’s Cave
 Valentine Vixens / Quickie / Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0944-3
Reviewed by Jo



The day’s just not going as planned.  Anastasia Style is the owner of Hassle-free Holidays.  Today is not only Valentine’s Day, but also, she is supposed to meet and sign her final divorce papers and she had a last minute lucrative client who asked for her personal attention.  Now to top it off, her car has gotten a flat on the way to her last minute delivery.  Most women would be happy to end a short marriage to a man who seemed to ignore her just when she needed him. But as she waits, Anastasia can’t help but fantasize about her soon to be ex – Mason Style.  Anastasia finally gets to the client’s office – a quick in and out is what she has planned, however her client has other plans on how Anastasia will spend her afternoon and evening.

Anastasia’s Style truly is a love story.  Okay it’s a hot love story but it has the lovers separated by the dark deeds of another and the hurt feelings and misunderstandings that happen when a couple just won’t take the time to talk.  Mason spent the majority of his time trying to fit into the mold that was given to him by another.  Anastasia married Mason because she loved and lusted for him never thinking that it would go bad so quickly.  I melted when Mason threw down his last and best chance to retrieve his marriage and get Anastasia back.  Anastasia’s Style will touch your heart by the end, which is exactly the way a Valentine’s Day story should be.


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