Alien Overnight by Robin L. Rotham
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 978-1-419910-085-2
Reviewed by Michelle



Dr. Monica Teague, aka Gothchild, has developed a hard, abrasive edge to keep the world from hurting her.  Her developmentally challenged body has kept her apart from others, especially in the male-female relationship area.  She always had a keen interest in science fiction as well as all things outer space related.  Her secret desires for otherworldly travel is realized when the Garathani make contact with Earth.  Dr. Teague jumps at the chance to help with the earth women chosen as sexual partners / breeders for the Garathani males whose female population was decimated by biological warfare.  An abrupt change in her physiology occurs upon being inundated with Garathani male pheromones, which dangerously and painfully throw her into a rapid maturation process.

Commander Kellen is present for this sudden development and recognizes that Monica is a GarTer hybrid.  He quickly takes the opportunity to register her as his mate with Lieutenant Schauss as a secondary mate to her.  Kellen and Shauss are both extremely dominant and can't wait for the chance to dominate Monica in the bedroom.  Her abrasive and aggressive personality excites their Garathani nature and adds more spice to their encounters with Monica.  Kellen and Shauss are thrilled at having Monica as their submissive, especially after their experiences under the matriarchy of their own society before the war.  Can they except and care for Monica in more than a sexual / breeder capacity?

Alien Overnight is hot from page 1 on and just gets hotter.  Monica's struggle with the abrupt changes in her body while dealing with her first sexual experiences make you really empathize with her especially when having to deal with the dominant duo of Kellen and Shauss.  You feel her come to terms with her desire to be dominated sexually but still needing something beyond the splendiferous, mind-blowing sexual encounters with her dominant duo.  Watching Kellen and Shauss, who have issues to work through with each other as well as within themselves, adds another dimension to this story.  This story grabbed my attention and immediately drew me into the interpersonal dynamics of the heroes and heroine.  If you crave some spicy, smokin' hot love scenes and a book you just can't put down then this is the one for you.


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