Adamare by Camryn Cutler
Calthraca Series, Book 2
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Erotic Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59374-781-7
Reviewed by Nannette



Adama Fawkes left Lyros to have her child in secret.  She returned when her mother, Queen Lucia, became ill.  The council took control over much of the land during Queen Lucia’s illness.  Councilor Sartos is especially eager to remove Adama.  Eleana Draga is Adama’s half sister and the empress of BasSalaam.  Eleana is very bitter towards Adama and wants her gone as well.  Hecate Bosha is a mercenary hired by councilor Sartos to abduct Adama.  Christian Valore is Adama’s childhood friend and protector.  Adama chose Christian to protect her daughter Oma as well.  Christian feels that Adama will never want him as he wants her though. Tengri-Khan is Adama’s deceased husband.

Hecate succeeds in capturing and torturing Adama for months until she brings Adama to Eleana.  Kesim Trasin is Eleana’s personal physician.  He is also Adama’s destiny.

There are many dangerous and painful obstacles along the way toward reaching her daughter, but Adama will not be alone for long.  The journey she takes leads her down a new path.  One that may finally bring her peace and love again.

The saga of Adamare is breathtaking and intense.  Adama is an amazing woman; she is intelligent, strong and beautiful.  Kesim has a powerful presence; he is commanding in life and dominating in bed.  He is incredibly sexy.  Aside from a small inconsistency in the use of Kesims magic, I found Adamare to be an imaginative story full of danger, romance and eroticism.


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