A Wild Love by Rose Paisley
Lavender Isis Press
Supernatural Romance
Reviewed by Cassie



Hajj, a cat shifter, has survived the attempt by human hunters to destroy his kind and is now living as a cat in the jungle.  He has been watching a beautiful but sad woman who lives at his estate after her cruel husband basically stole it from Hajj.  Neela, the woman, talks to the big cat, spilling out all her problems and wishing he could understand her.  When her husband returns with sinister plans, will Hajj be able to help her?

A Wild Love is a very atmospheric tale.  The lush surroundings are beautifully described, and Neela’s husband Harold is imbued with a vicious cruelty that makes him a truly horrifying villain.  Despite all the pluses in this story, though, I didn’t really enjoy it.  Harold’s horrible plans for Neela seemed a bit cliché, like something I had read before.  The thing that really bugged me about A Wild Love was after being treated terribly by her husband, beaten, and nearly raped, Neela wants to make love with Hajj the same night they meet.  That seemed very unrealistic to me.  Despite Rose Paisley’s atmospheric, descriptive writing, I really can’t recommend this one. 


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