A Taste of Honey by Lynette Rees
Samhain Publishing,Ltd
Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 1-59998-071-1
Reviewed by Rosemary DuBose



During the day, Fran Santini works as a waitress in her familyís restaurant, but at night sheís a honey trapper for the Peace of Mind Agency, working for women who suspect their partnerís of cheating. 

Travis OíConnell is minding his own business at the local pub when heís accosted by Fran, who believes he is her intended target.  The next day, Travis applies for a job as a chef and is surprised to learn that the owner is Franís father, who doesnít know about Franís night job.

A Taste of Honey is an account of the day-to-day life and events of Fran and Travis.  Lynette Rees takes you through the little events that could occur to people.  Travis is my favorite character, a natural born protector who ends up saving Fran more than once from her mishaps.  The humor was lost to me because I am not familiar with the slang spoken in Wales.  Overall, A Taste of Honey is a view of the other side of the world.


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