A Scorching Seduction by Marie Harte
Samhain Publishing
ISBN 1-59998-572-1
Reviewed by Rosemary



Agent Fia af Nicos hunts down two falsely accused warriors with orders to return them to justice.  Trace NíTre and Vaan CíVail have been hiding out at a pleasure resort gathering proof of their innocence before returning home to face the planetís ruler.  The men capture Fia and use pleasure instead of pain as tools to force a confession from her.

A Scorching Seduction is just like the title implies.  There is instant attraction between the three; Fia soon discovers she wants both men.  Trace who has never been attracted to a male before, finds that he is attracted to Vaan, and Vaan is likewise attracted to Trace.  Marie Harte has created a very hot and steamy story that is well written and very enjoyable. 


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