A Promise Made by Janet Miller
Gaian Series
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
ISBN 1-58608-593-X
Reviewed by Cassie



Dr. Karen Masters is the Medical Supply Officer on the Earthforce hospital ship Hope.  She enlisted to pay for medical school, expecting to be stationed on Earth for her seven-year Earthforce stint after she finished school.  Earth began a war with one of its colonies, Gaia, and she was sent to the front instead.  After the Gaians disable all the Earthforce ships, she and two others are sent to the Gaian ship Promise to pick up medical supplies.  Minutes after arriving on the Gaian ship, Karen meets the Gaian Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey, with surprising resultsÖ

A Promise Made is an excellent futuristic story.  The Gaians are a fascinating people.  The tough, principled Karen made a great heroine, and sweet, kind, yet strong Jeffrey was the perfect match for her.  The biological basis for the Gaianís mating is unusual and interesting, and the emotion that builds between the two characters is lovely.  Janet Miller has me intrigued with her Gaians, and I canít wait to read the other two books set in this universe!


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