A Blessing In Disguise by Shareen Vedam
The Wild Rose Press
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Nellie



Every time Duncan and Amity meet, Amity ends up with a bow on her arm, heart broken or banished from the Kingdom.  Though their lives seem intertwined, fate rears its ugly head to disagree with the union.  Amity is struggling with her gift that is blessing, which seems to always go wrong for those being blessed as well as those around her.  Duncan, who is about to be crowned King to the Emerset Kingdom, needs a blessing but believes the blessers are a bunch of hypocrites and frauds.  Will the young prince forgive Amity for her deceit in not revealing her secret, and will Amity finally have confidence in her gift before it is too late. 

A Blessing In Disguise is more like a once upon a time kind of story for adults and is very predictable without any surprises.  I enjoyed reading the story but it just did not feel like a historical read. 


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