With a Twist by Deirdre Martin



ISBN: 978-0425228036

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Natalie Bocuse dreams of one day owning her own café.  Working for her sister is okay for the moment, but Natalie is beginning to feel the city’s pull.  When a friend allows her to stay in his apartment, Natalie jumps at the chance to move to Manhattan.  There is a small problem though – Natalie will need money and a job in order to fulfill her dream.  Learning of Natalie’s predicament, newspaper reporter and bane of Natalie’s existence, Quinn O’Brien, steps in and offers her a job at his family’s Irish pub.  These two completely opposite people clash every single time they meet, but Natalie is willing to try in order to make her dream a reality.

Deirdre Martin’s With a Twist has a great plot and premise.  Natalie and Quinn separately were good characters.  Together I found them unbearable.  Natalie’s spoiled temperament was over the top annoying and had I been Quinn, she would have been given her walking papers a long time ago.  I thought she was rude, hateful, and just plain standoffish. I wanted to shake Quinn more than once for the way he allowed Natalie to treat him.  I wanted him to grab her, swat her butt, and send her to bed without supper.  She was just that childish. I would definitely skip With a Twist. It just does not achieve the great story promised in the blurb on the back cover.


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