Wild Heat by Bella Andre



ISBN: 978-0440245001

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Logan Cain is a Wildland firefighter. Risking his life to put out forest fires during the roughest and toughest conditions has honed his skills as a warrior and a fireman.  Getting suspended as a result of an anonymous call placing him at the scene of a deliberately started fire makes him furious.  He has no choice but to follow the fire investigator’s edict because to not do so would put the man Logan suspects of arson in danger.  The fact that the woman, Maya Jackson, suspending him is the same woman he had a hot and heavy sexual interlude with six months ago doesn’t make him feel any better.  Logan will find out exactly why he is being set up and put a stop to it. He has no idea the means the true arsonist will resort to in order to get Logan put away – forever. 

Maya Jackson is in emotional turmoil.  Her beloved brother, Tony, was killed in a fire that was deliberately set and she vows that his death will not be in vain. The fact that evidence points to Logan Cain, the man who, even after six months she can’t forget, weighs heavily on her.  She has a job to do and falling in love with a suspected killer isn’t one of them.  It’s a good thing her heart refuses to listen.

My heart ached for Maya’s pain at losing her brother and I can’t fault her for wanting to forget, if just for a moment. I felt, however, that Maya’s use of Logan in a spur of the moment encounter shaped her.  Logan, on the other hand was easier to figure out. He is loyal and protective.  He is sexy and steadfast.  To me, he is perfect. 

Wild Heat scorches the ink off the pages of this book. Logan and Maya’s love story isn’t easy, but their love is real.  Suspenseful, smoldering hot, and simply fabulous, Wild Heat is a stunning first installment with the second book, Hot as Sin, set to release in December.  Don’t miss Wild Heat – but be warned – you might need a fire extinguisher to cool yourself off while reading this brand new romantic and erotic thriller!


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