What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

William Morrow


ISBN: 978-0061351501

Reviewed by Tanya



When your life is falling apart, the last thing you want to be is famous with paparazzi on your tail, ok the second to last.  The most humiliating thing would be to have the man, whom you loathe, see the paparazzi show you photos of your ex and his new wife and their happy news.  This is the kind of day that Georgie York is having.  She is known for being a spunky romantic heroine and not only has her film career tanked lately, but now her public image is suffering.

When she and the same man, former costar and super hunk Bramwell Shepard, run into each other in Vegas during what was supposed to be a girls get away weekend, turned Georgie in Sin  City alone, you never know what might happen.  When she wakes up the next morning she finds out that they were married the night before, a fact which neither remembers.  Now she has a fake marriage, a fake husband and no clear way out.  So she and Bramwell strike up a deal to stay together for a year.  But, with Bran’s housekeeper, her father and a stuck up agent as well as her ex, can they last a year.  More importantly what will happen when they live together and start to learn more about each other than what the public knows?

Will they pull closer or further away when suddenly they are stuck in the house under quarantine, thanks to her ex, and what each really desires surfaces?

I enjoyed delving into the lives of the paparazzi and Hollywood stars.  I think that Ms. Phillips did a wonderful job detailing just how much the “jackals” are like their namesake.  What I Did for Love was an interesting story for me to read; while I missed Ms. Phillips football men I found that Bram had enough charm of his own to keep me interested in the story.  I had fun reading What I Did for Love and think I learned a few things along the way.  You got to love it when the bad boy makes good after all these years.


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