Watch Over Me by Lucy Monroe

The Goddard Project, Book 4


Erotic Suspense

ISBN 978-0-7582-2917-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Mykola Chernichenko is the super secret Goddard Projectís newest member. He joined solely to save his sister Elle from the Vega Cartel. They want Elle out of the way so they can get to Dr. Lana Ericson who developed enzymes that could change the financial world as we know it.  Unfortunately, Lana is as stubborn as she is smart. Sheís damn sexy, too, and Myk canít keep his hands off of her. Myk needs to keep Lana close to keep her safe. That isnít a problem, but keeping his heart out of the equation might be.

Mykís is very sexy. From his earrings to his bad-boy attitude, he oozes sex appeal. Lana has a lack of social skills and the way she blurts out what she is thinking is often amusing and embarrassing for her. Her obsession with Mickey Mouse is a little extreme, but she is sweet and smart, and the way she wears her lust on her sleeve when it comes to Myk is endearing. Although the danger feels real and it grows throughout the story, it peters off a bit at the end. Watch Over Me is a sensual, exciting story where the heat between Myk and Lana is more than sexual.  You can feel the chemistry between them from the first time they meet.


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