The Warrior by Kinley MacGregor



ISBN: 978-0060796679

Reviewed by Tanya



Lochlan MacAllister has been raised to lead since he was born, and it was not done with a loving hand.  Most know his father as a ruthless womanizing bastard, and that is just what they will say to Lochlan’s face.  He envies his brothers finding the loves of their life but knows that this will not happen to him.  He loved once, or so he thought, until his fiancée betrayed him.  Now he has settled into leading his clan.  When news of his brother, who was long thought dead, surfaces and he knows that if he is still alive he has to find him. 

Lochlan and Catarina (Cat) have met before.  She is the cousin to one of his brothers’ wives and when he runs into her during his search she is still as prickly as ever.  But, she is being pursued by men intent on mistreating her, even if they are working for the King of France, and he will not stand for it.  Now he has entered into a bargain with “the shrew”.  But the more he learns of her the more he starts to change his opinion of her, but will he risk everything for her. 

Cat is stunned, how could she be attracted to the large oaf?  But, the more time she is in his presence the better she understands what has happened to shape him into to the Laird he is today.  She is willing to risk everything for love and the right man but is Lochlan the right one?

Finally we get to see Lochlan’s story, in The  Warrior.  I have to say, I have missed Ms. MacGregor’s (Kenyon’s) historical fiction characters and hope we will hear more from her and the Brotherhood of the Sword characters.  I found The Warrior to be well written and full of believable human interactions.  I found that I had a hard time putting The Warrior down and think you will also.


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