The Virginís Secret by Victoria Alexander

Harrington Brothers, Book 1



ISBN: 978-0-06-144947-5; 0-06-144947-4

Reviewed by Sabella



Nathanial Harrington has been an adventurer since he and his brothers were children playing at being smugglers and pirates.  Nowadays, however, Nate wanders the world in search of historical artifacts, that illuminate the distant past and their world.  Still, when during his last visit home Nate makes a find that might be the find of a lifetime Ė a woman that calls to his heart and challenges his mind.  But what will he do when she proves to be more elusive than a priceless artifact and surrounded by danger?

Gabriella Montini is a woman bent on a mission Ė to restore her dead brotherís shredded reputation by finding and proving the famed Akkadian Cylinder Seal is real.  However, as Gabriella investigates Nate and his brothers as the possible thieves of the seal, she finds that Nate is more alluring that she can resist.

But as the danger mounts and Gabriella and Nate purse all possible leads to find the seal will they be able to survive long enough to discover if their love is real?

As the first book in Victoria Alexanderís new series involving the Harrington brothers The Virginís Secret is an exciting, romantic read, full of Ms. Alexanderís vintage witty and entertaining dialogue.  Gabriella is a wonderful heroine with plenty of gumption, dubious common sense and startling intelligence.  Meanwhile, Nate is the quintessential explorer that is driven by the mystery of it all.  The Virginís Secret is a fast paced read that will have you turning the pages faster than you would imagine and falling in love with Gabriella and Nate as they fall for each other.  Gabriella and Nate are perfect foils for one another as their flaws and foibles lead to interesting and passionate exchanges.  This is a wonderful beginning to a series and I look forward to reading the rest of the Harrington brotherís stories as the glimpses provided reveal them as quirky, yet intriguing men.  Pick up The Virginís Secret for a wonderfully entertaining read that will keep you riveted and smiling from beginning to end!


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