The Seductress by Morgan Ashbury

Book 1: Song of the Sirens

Siren Publishing

Erotic Romance

ISBN: 1-60601-046-8

Reviewed by Chris



Pamela Singer’s a freelance painting conservator. This allows her to bounce across the world, taking on whatever work interests her. Her latest job lands her in Langdon Gallery, Philadelphia, where she meets Dylan Pierce, executive vice president of Carstairs Hotel Group. Dylan’s boyish charm and knowledge of art catches her interest, but after a disastrous and abusive relationship with her former lover, Dmitri Andropolis, she’s a bit skittish.

And with good reason.

Dylan is half brother to Dmitri. On a quest to clear Dmitri’s name, he’s set his sights on taking down Pamela, the woman the art world calls “The Seductress.” (The nickname is coined for her ability to seduce older men – to reveal more would ruin the story for you, but obviously all is not what it seems.) Unfortunately for Dylan, falling head over heels for her is not on his agenda. Even more puzzling, Pamela doesn’t act like the gold-digger Dmitri has made her out to be. She refuses to let Dylan buy her expensive baubles and when presented with the opportunity to bilk Dylan’s older friend, she does not.

Neither Dylan nor Pamela know that Dmitri is involved in a lot of questionable “projects”, ranging from gambling to embezzling to forgery to theft. Fired from the family company, Dmitri sees his inheritance slipping through his fingers. Drastic action is necessary. Translation? Murder is now on the agenda, though Dmitri’s above doing it himself.

Getting revenge for Dmitri takes a backseat to keeping Pamela alive as Dylan finds himself choosing between the brother he never really knew and the woman who’s found a permanent place in his heat.

I picked up book two before reading book one and I have to say, Ms. Ashbury’s writing, while strong in this book, is even stronger in book two (though she does a better job on her villain(s) in this story). Well-fleshed out main characters, engaging secondary characters, and good pacing makes this a very enjoyable read. I’m very much looking forward to reading her third and final installment. If you like a helping of meaty plot with your sex (and a recent study says chimps actually do trade meat for sex), you’ll enjoy Morgan Ashbury’s The Seductress.


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