The Missing by Shiloh Walker

Berkley Sensation

Psychic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0425224384

Reviewed by Jo



Taige Branch has always had a gift that made her the odd person out while growing up.  Teen years are hard enough and then when you add a psychic gift that hits when it wants to, Taige didn't have a lot of friends.  Living in a vacation town, Taige usually avoids the tourists until she meets one boy who just might be able to accept her as she is.   Years pass and love blossoms between Taige and Cullen, only to be tossed away after a horrible murder happens to Cullen's mother.

Cullen Morgan knew the first time he saw Taige that she was someone special.  Only after getting to know her much better did Cullen find out just how special she was.  Cullen learns to not only love Taige but to also help her when she was hit with an extreme vision.   But just when he needed Taige's gift, it didn't happen and Cullen lashes out.

Cullen and Taige are reunited many years later when he needs Tagie and her gift more than ever before.  His little girl has been kidnapped.  Taige agrees to help find Cullen's daughter.  The young love that had been between them is still alive.   Cullen and Taige are working together to find his daughter before its too late, but is it too late for their true love to finally blossom and bloom?

Timing and fate always holds us in their grips and one wrong step can destroy what fate had planned.  In The Missing Cullen and Taige learn this in heart breaking fashion.  Taige grows up learning how to deal with the gift she has been given.  Cullen has had everything so far in his family life that Taige never had.  When they come together during their teen years, it seemed like the perfect pairing.  I will admit that Cullen's actions against Taige made me so upset I just wanted to smack him. 

 Later when they met back up, I flipped the pages to see just how the unused but not forgotten love would come back.  Fate gave Cullen the ultimate understanding on just what Taige has always had to go through.  I found that at the end I could also forgive Cullen and celebrate their reunion.  Taige and Cullen will break and warm your heart, like they did mine.  The couple of twists that Ms. Walker put in made The Missing a gripping book I didn't want to put down.  If you love suspense, the unexpected and awesome romance, they you will not want to skip The Missing.


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