The Love Machine by Michelle Marquis

Whiskey Creek Press


ISBN: 978-1-59374-703-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Smuggler Natasha Morrison winds up on a penal colony due to a combination of greed and poor judgment on her part.  The man that she just recently helped transport off Earth, Miles Foster, is a convicted criminal wanted for homicide.  Natasha was deceived by him and is imprisoned for aiding and abetting his escape.  She is taken into custody by Maximillian, a Stinger series android, created to track and execute wanted fugitives. 

Natasha is in for the ride of her life with Max.  Sheís also desperately afraid that once Foster is found, she will be next on the list to die at the androidís hands.  This doesnít stop her from being attracted to Max. 

Although he is an android, Max has a deep-seated sense of self and begins to develop strong feelings for his prisoner.  He needs to focus on his mission.  Yet, it proves to be more and more difficult the closer he becomes to the sensual blonde beauty.

Natasha and Max sweep through seedy red light districts, peep shows and sex clubs in The Love Machine.  Just when I thought things couldnít getter hotter, throw in exhibitionism, voyeurism, spanking and a splash of BDSM.  What you have is a sizzling, white-hot narrative of what it means to be human. Max and Natasha are the perfect choice for underlining the differences.  Sex and technology are interchangeably used throughout to demonstrate what it means to feel something beyond lust for another person.  Itís quite effective because Max is an android, and I was fascinated by how the author takes him through different types of psychological evolution.  Natasha is the perfect means to help him gain access to his humanity on an emotional level.  Sheís a passionate, uninhibited woman that hasnít allowed past hurts or her shady occupation to harden her.  As a team, this tough and passionate duo is compatible, capable and adventurous.  Youíll start to believe that they were made for each other.  I was engrossed by this extremely racy, unconstrained sci-fi tale thatís sure to melt your circuits.  If Blade Runner had just been a little more X-rated then The Love Machine would be just as hot a ticket. 


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