The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods

Chesapeake Shores, Book 1



ISBN 978-0778326267

Reviewed by Nannette



Abby O' Brien Winters is back in Chesapeake Shores, Maryland to help her somewhat flighty younger sister, Jess, re-open the Inn At Eagle Point. Being home brings back a lot of memories for Abby, and not all of them are good. Like her relationship with Trace Riley. Long before Abby became a financial whiz on Wall Street and married Wes, Abby and Trace fell in love. But Abby’s dreams didn’t mesh with Trace’s, or so she thought, and Abby left. Years later, divorced and with young twin daughters in tow, Abby is back and Trace realizes that he never stopped loving her. Now amongst the troubles in her family, and Jess’ financial debacle, Trace has to convince Abby that they are still made for each other, before he loses her again.

Sherryl Woods’ books are like comfort food for me. I know what I’m going to get before I read the first page.  Her books are realistic and passionate stories full of angst and heartfelt emotions. The Inn At Eagle Point does not disappoint. Surrounded by her complex family, Abby finds love again - a lost love that never died. The Inn At Eagle Point is a good beginning to what promises to be a wonderful series. Abby’s sisters and brothers and even her parents have stories to tell and I am eager to read them all.


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