The Bridegroom by Linda Lael Miller

Stone Creek


Sensual Western Historical

ISBN 978-0373773886

Reviewed by Nannette



When Lydia Fairmont finds herself in trouble, there’s only one person she can turn to for help. Unfortunately, Lydia hasn’t seen Gideon Yarbro in years. Lydia sends her letter anyway, and at the very last minute, Gideon arrives. The hasty decision Gideon makes to get Lydia out of trouble changes their lives, and not all for the better. Gideon may be married to sweet Lydia now, but he has an angry fiancé to deal with, and a dangerous job waiting for him back home in Stone Creek. Lydia loves Gideon, but she doesn’t want to be wife in name only and Gideon doesn’t think he can stay and keep Lydia out of danger. Will Gideon and Lydia have the chance to make their marriage a real one?

The Bridegroom’s rich sensuality and authentic Old West storyline is classic Linda Lael Miller.  While Gideon struggles with his decisions, his brothers Rowdy and Wyatt try to steer him in the right direction, reminding him that the love of a good woman is worth fighting for. Lydia is full of sweet fire and Gideon’s sexy grin could melt any woman’s heart. The Bridegroom is page after page of angst, excitement, and sizzling passion.


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