Tall, Dark and Deadly by Lorie O’Clare

St. Martin’s Press

Romantic Suspense

ISBN-10: 0312943415

ISBN-13: 978-0312943417

Reviewed by Indy



Grace Jordan has spent years rebuilding her world after being tortured and abused at the hands of a madman. A beast she spent five years calling Master and the one she ensured would never hurt another woman again. Starting over as a small town police officer in a place where the most action she’s likely to see is the random speeder on occasion is just what she and her daughter need.

When a madman turns her idyllic new community into his own personal playground, Grace’s past begins to haunt her. Add into the already volatile mix, FBI Agent Justin Reece, who returns home intent on stopping the murderer, who is brutalizing and murdering young women in his hometown. Justin Reece finds himself instantly in lust with the feisty new officer of Rockville, South Dakota and refuses to allow anything, even a vindictive ex-wife to get in his way where Grace is concerned.

As Grace tries to adjust to the commanding presence of Justin in her life, she soon learns that the serial killer rampaging through her town has taken a personal interest in her and she may be the next person to meet a deadly end.

From the first chapter I knew Tall, Dark and Deadly was a story I wouldn’t be able to put down. When an author begins her books with the abuse of a sex slave you sit up and hang on for what promises to be a wild ride. Lorie O’Clare entered the romantic suspense genre with guns blazing. Dark and brooding FBI agent, an emotionally scared yet surprisingly resilient heroine and a despicable killer makes for exciting reading. Justin and Grace were totally hot and the ignitable chemistry between the two was delicious to say the least.

There was a flaw or two in Tall, Dark and Deadly, i.e. the still missing victim who no one seemed too interested in finding and the connection to some secondary characters which would have been interesting to see flushed out. With that said, I still think this was a great read and I found myself impressed with the beginning of what I hope will be a sexy and exciting series showcasing men and women in law enforcement.


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