Take Me Again by Mackenzie McKade

Wild Oats, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-360-9

Reviewed by Shayna



When Tracy Marx arrives in Santa Ysabel, veterinarian Dolan Crane knows the sexy redhead is everything he’s ever wanted.  There’s only one problem – the fiery Dr. Marx is Dolan’s competition.  Dolan knows he’s got to forget about her, which is easier said than done.  So when his friend Rowdy says he’s lined up a date with a woman who has a fantasy of being with two men, Dolan takes it as an opportunity to get Tracy off his mind.

A divorcée set on establishing her practice in Santa Ysabel, Tracy can’t afford any distractions, especially one as irritatingly sexy as Dolan.  When her friend Rowdy offers to fulfill her deepest fantasy, a ménage à trois, Tracy can’t resist.  After Tracy and Dolan find out what Rowdy’s done, things really start to heat up.  And a night of passion is only the beginning…

Mackenzie McKade turns up the heat to a scorching degree in the irresistible Take Me Again.  From start to finish, it’s an engaging, sexy tale with characters who are sure to delight.  I fell in love with Dolan in Ms. McKade’s Take Me, when Dolan participated in a red-hot ménage with Cait and Cord (who also appear in Take Me Again).  Dolan’s innate sex appeal, his protectiveness, tenderness, and possessiveness (in the good sense of the word) of Tracy made him an utterly delicious hero.  Tracy, for her part, is smart, capable, lovely, and tough.  In other words, she’s the perfect heroine for Dolan and I couldn’t help but adore her.  I loved seeing these two, both somewhat wary of falling in love, be unable to resist one another.  As for Rowdy, the third member of the ménage, I dearly hope Ms. McKade has this wicked cowboy meet his match one day.

Ms. McKade never fails to pen a sensual, wonderful story and Take Me Again is no exception.  I loved it and look forward to reading more books by the talented Ms. McKade.


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