Sword of the Highlander by Veronica Wolff

Berkley Sensation

Time Travel

ISBN: 978-0425222485

Reviewed by Amelia



New York art curator Magda Deacon loves the new painting delivered to the museum. It features a handsome highlander, and he captures her heart. But while she’s cleaning it before it’s to be displayed she finds herself drawn back in time, and suddenly she’s in bed: with the subject of the painting.

James Graham, the Marquise of Montrose, is intrigued by the woman he finds in his bed. She’s different, though. She likes to golf, and she has strange objects that can do things like light a fire. He’s captivated by her, and her story of coming from the future.

But James lives in a tumultuous time, where war rages between king and country and clans. And Magda knows James’ fate. Can she switch things around, and change history? Or is the couple doomed to have an unhappy ending?

Sword of the Highlander is rich in history and detail. Magda is a strong character who works to make the best of her situation, and James is a wonderful hero, who cares for her deeply. Their love is strong, and pulls at the heartstrings. There is a lot of history in this book, and it is richly described. I wished, however, that the couple did not spend so much time apart. I know the reasons for it, but I have to admit it slowed the story down for me.

Sword of the Highlander is a great story for lovers of history, and time-travel.


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