Surrender in Moonlight by Stella and Audra Price

Knossos West, Book 2

Total-E-Bound Publishing

Shapeshifter/Dark Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-907010-38-5

Reviewed by Jo



Carmen has been a rogue snake for a very long time.  Mainly for two reasons:  The first is that she has never really felt like she belonged anywhere being a pit viper and the second is that she always assumed that nest living would stifle you.  Carmen has been happy with her roaming until she happens to stop into Dry Ice and came up against Reece Evans.

Reece Evans is the nest bad boy and likes it that way.  He is also the only Anaconda in the nest.  While he is not looking for a mate, Reece is quite happy to seek out every opportunity for someone to have a hot time with.  That is what he was doing when he came across Carmen at the bar.  Reece realized at once she was a rogue and a hot one at that.

Reece is anticipating a hot tryst for the night and maybe the next morning when he discovers not only has Carmen left but she has taken his bike and wallet.  After Carmen is put in jail she calls Reece to ask for help.  Reece agrees to get her out, but Carmen is informed nothing is free and her payment is a month of her time as his plaything.  What neither of them expects is the feelings and experiences; could they have found their fated mates?

Surrender in Moonlight lets us explore a harder edge to one of the residents of the Knossos West nest.  Reece is the bad boy and likes his sex on the dirty side but doesn't want a mate; Carmen is rouge by her choice that finds she can have freedom and still love nest life and a mate.  Reece and Carmen discover together that you don't have to be the Smith's to have a wonderful love and fulfilling life by doing it their own way.  I have to say first off that I was sucked in right from the beginning.  Surrender in Moonlight is rougher in language and actions than the first story in this series but it matched the characters perfectly.  I absolutely loved that Carmen and Reece surrendered to their love but did it their own way and those around them just had to deal.  The scenes where Reece learns exactly the type of snake Carmen is and how they handled was an instant favorite.

Surrender in Moonlight is a must read pure and simple.  The Price sister's have developed not only a storyline surrounding a new Were species but also in that they are making their own rules.  I am already waiting impatiently for the next book in this series.   For me not only is this book a must read but it's a Joyfully Recommended Read.


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