Shadow Magic by Cheyenne McCray

Magic Series, Book 4

St. Martin’s


ISBN: (10) 0312949588  (13) 978-0312949587

Reviewed by Amelia



D’Anu witch Hannah Wentworth has traveled with her fellow sister witches to Otherworld to seek the help of the Dark Elves in the battle against Ceithlenn and Balor and their desire to destroy the humans of the world. She’s not really sure, however, about seeking help from Garran, King of the Dark Elves and father to Rhiannon, Hannah’s fellow D’Anu witch and nemesis.

When Hannah sees Garran, however, she’s instantly attracted. But can she trust him to help them in their quest to destroy Ceithlenn?

Garran is instantly attracted to the D’Anu witch who comes seeking help. He can see, though, that she won’t be easy to win over. After consulting with the Great Guardian, he agrees to help the witches in their battle against evil. There is only one stipulation. Hannah must stay with him at all times.

Hannah agrees and soon finds herself attracted to King Garran. When they travel to San Francisco she discovers he has a special gift, which can help them destroy demons. What Hannah and the others don’t know, however, is the gift could cost Garran his life, even as it helps them win the battle.

Shadow Magic is a fantastic installment in the Magic series. Ms. McCray weaves a magical spell over her readers, transporting them to a realm where danger and magic mix to create book that will hold the reader spellbound.

I loved Hannah and her headstrong ways. Her growing love for Garran was delightful to watch. Seeing her go through personal issues, too, with the Dragons who are her totems tugged at my heartstrings.

I could easily see why Hannah would fall for sexy Garran, who is both a fantastic lover and a fearless leader of the Dark Elves. His desire to do what is right in battle, and for his people, endeared him to me.

Ms. McCray’s Magic series gets better with each book. Shadow Magic is a keeper, and a book that I will reread, along with the rest of the series.


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