Selling Forever by Kimber Chin

Champagne Books


Reviewed by Tanya



Cara Jones needs a super hunk for the upcoming celebrity handyman auction; she doesnít want it for her but for a member of her team to use the prize money.  The man she thinks is perfect is reclusive billionaire Richard Thompson.  She does have a contact that will put her in touch with him, his faithful assistant.  But, can she figure out how to get him to agree without losing her heart to him?  She has always thought he was amazing by hearing the stories his assistant tells.  When she meets him in person, and they hit it off, now things seem like they are heading in the right direction.  But will she push just a little too hard and drive him away, when she only wants him closer?

I found Selling Forever an interesting romantic story but a bit lacking.  I just didn't feel the same connection I do to most characters.  It felt as if both of them were falling deeply in love but didn't want to even bother to talk about any of their issues it was just "boom it has happened".  I felt as though they should have had more interactions to make the story believable.  Overall the plot line was well thought out and the characters interesting but again I felt something was missing.  So I would not recommend Selling Forever as Ms. Chinís best offering.


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