Scream My Name by Kimberly Kaye Terry





Reviewed by Indy



Leila James’s café is the last connection she has to her Great Aunt Sadie, a special woman who raised her and was a source of wisdom until the day she died. Selling the café she spent her childhood in is just not an option and no matter what offer Brandan Walters puts on the table the answer is still no. So why she ignites as soon as she lays eyes on her nemesis, the man she’s been volleying back and forth over email for months she can’t answer.

Brandan Walters is a self made man, rich, intelligent and deeply in lust with Leila. Being randy doesn’t even begin to describe his uncontrollable passion towards the sexy business owner who just doesn’t understand the silly café she’s holding onto is already lost.

Leila and Brandan will find out they both have a lot to learn when it comes to matters of the heart and sometimes you just need a little compromise to experience the best love of all.

Scorching orgasms and explosive relationships are just a couple of reasons Scream My Name had my heart pumping from beginning to end. Brandan and Leila were not only hot but actually pretty cute together as they attempted to work through their business issues while still exploring the chemistry threatening to burn them alive. One super plus in Scream My Name is Kimberly Kaye Terry also gave us a bonus story about Hawk, Leila’s childhood friend and Danita a frequent customer to Aunt Sadie’s café. Hawk and Danita were more erotic but the immediate connection between two complimentary spirits was evident from first glance. As a reader the extra bonus really hit the spot, not one but two smoking hot love stories for the price of one will ensure I keep an eye out for Kimberly Kaye Terry’s upcoming releases.


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