Pandora Project: Runaway Star by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

Torquere Press

Sci-Fi Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-610-0, 1-60370-610-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Elios Campbell has a highly challenging job of translating the mysterious messages that Earth has been receiving from deep space. As luck would have it, Elios has the connections to snag himself a ride in one of the experimental fighter ships that will accompany the main vessel when they leave to explore the Pandora ship at the edge of space.  However, Elios wasn’t counting on finding Sender, his pilot, so compellingly attractive that it almost completely distracts him from the wonder of flying.  But as the attraction between Elios and Sender grows to almost unmanageable proportions, they must battle the centuries of prejudice that Sender was brought up with, making the pilot feel damned for his attraction to men.

When Sender suffers an unspeakable tragedy, it throws him into a tailspin that leaves him floundering about the correct direction to go and questioning whether his relationship with Elios is valid. Or whether it led to the tragedy in his life as his God punishes him for not following His mandates.

Will Sender and Elios be able to bridge the chasm that has grown between them as a result of the tragedy that Sender is struggling with?

Pandora Project: Runaway Star is an angsty read that will leave you heart-sore even as it heats you up.  Sender and Elios are compelling characters that will pull you into their lives effortlessly and leave you wanting more. This tale takes us through the struggles that Elios and Sender confront to be together in the face of prejudice and familial duty.  Pick up Pandora Project: Runaway Star when you are in the mood for a great sci-fi read that will leave you guessing where the characters are headed next once the insurmountable has been conquered.


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