Renegade Soldier by Pat White

Assignment: The Girl Next Door

HQN – Intrigue (#1119)

Contemporary Suspense

ISBN: 9780373693863

Reviewed by Tanya



Sydney Trent seems to be stuck in a rut.  She is now saving money to be able to travel.  She has always been the good girl; she cared for her parents and now is caring for a department of “geeks” at a local firm.  Matter of fact, her best friend is a guy who refers to her as his future wife.  She definitely needs something new in her life.  What she doesn’t count on is her best friend’s brother Dalton Keen showing up and coercing her to work with him.  What can she say when a hot man is involved it is hard to say no.

Dalton is a secret operative who is amused and charmed by sweet little Sydney.  He knows she is not a one night stand kind of gal; though his body wants her, he has more important things to worry about.  It seems his brother has gone missing.  Now it seems that they are accusing him of being a traitor to the country. 

Sydney won’t give up faith in Nathaniel and will do what it takes to clear his name.  Even if that means bullying his brother Dalton, or striking out on her own.  When suddenly Sydney is in trouble Dalton starts to reprioritize.  Will they find Nat, and more importantly will they team up for just this job or the rest of their lives?

book cover of 

Renegade Soldier 

 (Assignment: The Girl Next Door)


Pat WhiteI love Pat White's characters in Renegade Soldier and I also hope that Dalton’s brother has his own book.  I think that the characters were well written and I could picture many of their interactions in my head and I found that I laughed out loud at how Ms. White would have Sydney react to the "alpha male" comments by Dalton.  Additionally the suspense was fast paced and intriguing.  I enjoyed Renegade Soldier and think you will also.


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