Quench by E. Cameron Stacy

Whiskey Creek Press


ISBN: 978-1-60313-541-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Divorced and still single, Tammy Swift is nagged into going to a party being held by her best friend Vanessa and husband Enrique who are swingers.  Itís hard enough being surrounded by happy and horny couples, but what makes it worse is being stood up by a guy and seeing her ex-husband with two sexy bimboís on his arms.

Tammy learns that her ex is using Quench Dating Service and loves it.  There are no fees and an easy entry questionnaire.  The only strange thing is the donation of blood - supposedly because the owner believes in donating to the local blood bank.

Of course, if Tammy had her way she would be dating her boss Garrett Monahan, only that isnít allowed at the law firm. Sheís been crushing on Garrett for a long while, but since itís not going anywhere Tammy figures she may as well try Quench.  Tammy is hooked up with a hot stud named Antonio except there is something weird going on at Quench.  Something is just plain wrong with Quench, although, since there isnít any danger, should Tammy pursue things or forget it?

If you are looking for something a little different, look no further than Quench by author E. Cameron Stacy.  The writing style and pacing are well done, plus the plotline is unique.  Having said that, I wondered whether the triangle of Tammy, Antonio, and Garrett was actually a little too far fetched.  I really canít say more since I donít want to spoil the plot, but for me they just didnít quite mesh as well as they could have.  Quench is fascinating and different, however, pushes the Ďrealisticí envelope somewhat.


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