Possessor and Possessed by Sean Michael

A Jarheads Story


Erotic M/M Ménage Contemporary

Reviewed by Nannette



Dick is angry and frustrated when a few of the guys at the gym suggest that Rig is more Rock’s than his. He’s determined to show them, along with Rock and Rig, that he’s just as much a part of Rig’s life as Rock is. When he gets home, Rock and Rig are all too happy to let him show them exactly how he feels.

I’ve been eager to read something where Rock and Rig confirm their love for Dick, and they do so in Possessor and Possessed, but they do it more with their bodies than their hearts. Don’t get me wrong, they do tell Dick they love him, but as usual, the Jarheads are better at showing than telling. Rock, Rig, and Dick are solid, but I can’t help but feel that Dick is the third wheel sometimes, at least from Rock’s point of view. Possessor and Possessed is fun, and hot, and Dick is satisfied with what he gets.


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