Political Expediency by Mikala Ash

Lupus Populus Series, Books 1-3

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Ménage plus

ISBN: 978-1-60521-157-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



“A Political Animal”

It’s true that Press Secretary, Serena Plim has been in love with her boss, Kelvin Waters, for the past 10 years, though she’s never acted on it.  Kelvin is the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and he is married.  So when his vindictive wife, Priscilla, goes to the press with a bunch of lies accusing Serena and Kelvin of having an affair, everything they have worked for is destroyed in an instant.  Kelvin resigns and Serena takes to the open road to clear her head. 

While on the road, she meets Jack Wolfe, a cattle rancher, who offers her a safe haven in his home, and eventually his life.  Serena is uncertain of Jack’s motives, especially when he has her car returned and takes steps to cover her trail. 

Is she in danger?  Only time will tell.  When Kelvin shows up at Jack’s ranch looking for Serena, things start to get truly interesting.

“A Political Animal” is a story that I recognized immediately because I’ve read it so many times before.  The fact that werewolves are involved adds spice to the plot but my overall reaction to the story was moderate.  More to the point, it’s a likeable tale with likeable characters in a fairly interesting setting with fascinating facts and good supporting characters.  


“The Body Politic”

Two alphas are not meant to share the same mate.  Jack and Kelvin are constantly at one another’s throats, and it’s tearing Serena apart.  She decides that leaving is for the best.  The timing is the worst because the quickening is heating her libido faster than she can adjust to being newly turned.  Serena finds refuge at a resort for werewolves while renowned socialite Catriona Molyneux plots to make her the next Prime Minister.   Opposition from Jack and Kelvin along with enemies waiting in the shadows surrounds both Serena and Catriona.  Serena will need to learn what it means to be a werewolf in every way.

Schemes, plots, and seduction all take “The Body Politic” into a maze of plot twists and turns that surprised me.  This sequel carries more action, suspense and an intriguing new character, Catriona, who I think is competition for Serena’s character.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her; she’s complex, brilliant, sexy and ruthless.  I was pleased to see Serena grow into her werewolf aspect and regain her independence.  Jack is someone I’ve grown to respect more and more, and with all his Old World baggage he’s a nice contrast to Kelvin.  I got more into the story this time around.  This second installment was impressive.


“Political Expediency”

Serena Plim is Prime Minister of Australia.  Her appointment has forced the dissolution of the ménage. She and Jack are both working together against their enemies while rallying new players into the game. The Wolfen Council is continuing on with their tyrannical plots, while Catriona and Kelvin work out a tenuous alliance with the vampires.

Kelvin is strongly attracted to Commander Ling, a vampire temptress with an insatiable appetite for sex and power.  Catriona is up to her old tricks of manipulation and subterfuge.  With two formidable females drawing him further into the web, Kelvin knows that it’s just matter of time before he succumbs.

Mikala Ash certainly saved the best for last.  “Political Expediency” pulsates with hot relentless sex and truckloads of action, suspense and schemes.  It was fun to watch Serena strut her stuff as the new Prime Minister.  Catriona stole the show for me, grandstanding all the way to very end.  Much to my surprise, she became my personal favorite.  I got to witness an up close view of Kelvin this time whereas in the earlier stories, he seemed more distant.  It was a nice touch.

The vampires bring an entirely different and deliciously dangerous spin on the story, literally stinking up every scene with mouth watering pheromones.  When people aren’t trying to kill one another (or commit to another round of backstabbing) everyone is making nice by indulging in loads of sex.  Yay!


Political Expediency kicks off with revolver force and ends with a cannon blast.  One of the best surprises is the entry of the vampires, who add their own double dealing and double teaming in between amazingly sizzling bouts of raunchy uninhibited sex.   Politics takes on a new definition when combined with the paranormal world.  Edgy, steamy and original, anyone looking for an enjoyable read should dive right into this collection.


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