Perfect Obedience by Maggie Jagger

New Concepts Publishing

Erotic historical

ISBN: 978-1-60394-254-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Fern is in much demand.  Being the sole owner of an island makes a woman expendable among those men looking for a free ride.  Fern is used to fending off unwanted advances and so she protects her identity as best as she can.  Bathing a visitor, Lord Jarrad, she is unnerved by his treatment of her as well as her reaction to him.  She never thinks to be on guard with him and so when he tricks her into marriage and she inadvertently vows to obey him in all things in front of a priest no less, Fern knows she has met her match.  Jarrad knows he canít trust his new bride, but he looks forward to trying.

Perfect Obedience was nothing like what I expected.  The blurb on the publisher page left a lot to be desired, but with a hauntingly beautiful cover, I figured what the heck.  Fern is strong, likable, and somewhat jaded about men.  Jarrad is immediately intrigued by the shy and hesitant young woman who comes to help him wash, never knowing that his servant girl is the woman everyone is talking about.  When he finds out, the rest is history.  The love scenes were somewhat stilted and more than once I wanted the characters to hurry up and just do it.  My patience at its limit, I had to stop reading for a while and then go back and start again.  The plot and premise held promise, but the words and characterizations did not.  I would skip this one.


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