Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione

Demonica, Book 3

Grand Central Publishing


ISBN: 978-0446401050

Reviewed by Jo



Wraith thought his only worry would be getting through his s’genesis and not going insane being unmated.  As a Seminus demon, Wraith will need to have sex quite often to meet his body’s needs.  That was before he was poisoned with something that has no known cure.  When the only possible cure was located, Wraith was even more against it as it involved a human woman.  But his death would place not only the hospital in danger but also his brothers.  Wraith is faced with a choice of saving his life and therefore his brothers, and the hospital or protecting a human woman.

Serena Kelly is an archaeologist by trade but in actuality is more of a treasure hunter.  Serena also protects a very old secret.  She has done this since she was seven.  This secret keeps her safe and young, but there is a trade off, Serena must stay a virgin.  On a new treasure hunt, Serena meets a man who captures her attention unlike any other.  Staying a virgin has never really a problem until she meets Wraith and learns just what passion is.

Wraith and Serena meet when the world seems to be falling apart.  Demons focused on killing and causing pain are coming out of everywhere and the worst seem to be focused on Serena.  Finding out why becomes almost as important to Wraith as seducing Serena and saving his life.  Wraith is also determined to find a way to save Serena’s life if he succeeds with his mission.  He has learned that to save his life will kill hers and that is unacceptable.  Serena is Wraith’s mate and his to protect at all costs.  Danger and suspense lead to the climatic battle and depending on who wins will affect many lives and just maybe how the demons and humans interact going forward.

Never trust a demon is the byline Serena has gone by until Passion Unleashed and Wraith.  Since losing her mother, Serena has lived life hunting one treasure after another for the council.  Wraith has helped out his brothers at the hospital when needed, but he has never really felt like he had a place in the world.  Serena is looking for something that might save the world and Wraith is looking for Serena to save his life and others.  Going under a guise is normal for Wraith but I was happy to see that he really wanted Serena to know him for himself.  I love suspense and was more than fulfilled while Wraith and Serena’s story unrolled before me.  I was also surprised and happy to see more than one happy ending.  I was afraid that this might be the end of the Demonica series, but Ms. Ione had surprises up her sleeve and I see at least one more book and hopefully several others in this series.  Passion Unleashed combines danger with erotic pleasure in a way that will keep you turning the pages.  A keeper for any paranormal and suspense library.


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