One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake



ISBN 978-0-06-142989-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Jenny Tolliver has always been a good girl. Mick Brody has always been a trouble maker and the town bad boy. There was heat in Mickís eyes the first time he looked at Jenny.  Fifteen years later, Jennyís back home in Destiny, Ohio, divorced and feeling low about herself and her life.  When her passion for astrology takes her to the wrong side of the lake where the Brodys live, the heat is still in Mickís eyes, and this time, Jenny is looking back. Their reaction to each other is erotic and enchanting, but Mickís hiding a secret that could ruin their fantasy come to life. 

One Reckless Summer is one book I plan to read again and again. What Jenny and Mick have is so much more than physical. Without realizing it, each kiss binds them closer together. They make each other whole. I was a little disappointed that Jenny confided in her friend, even if I understood why she did it. Nonetheless, her devotion to Mick is obvious. He is a good guy with a bad rap. Itís hard to shake a tainted image when no one wants to believe youíve changed. Jenny and Mick are perfect together, especially sexually. From their very first kiss, they fit perfectly without words or conversation; their chemistry speaks for itself.  One Reckless Summer is suspenseful and poignant and an excellent erotic romance. Having never read Toni Blake before, One Reckless Summer was an unexpected delight for me. 


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