One Isn’t Enough by Vicki Paradise


Sci-Fi Ménage

Reviewed by Shayna



On a lavish, all-expenses paid trip to Jupiter’s moon, Callisto, full-blooded earthling Mia is fascinated by her sexy servants, Logan and Jax, and the promise of pleasure the two men offer.  Logan at once recognizes that Mia is the woman he’s waited all his life for.  The one woman he would happily give up his freedom and bond to.  Even as he and Jax show Mia what true passion is, Logan must make the choice whether or not to risk everything and give all of himself to Mia.

Who wouldn’t love to travel to some exotic locale and find love with a sensual stranger?  One Isn’t Enough is an erotic, delightful tale with a lovely heroine, an irresistible hero, and his equally tempting friend.  I quickly found myself charmed by the characters and intrigued by the world Vicki Paradise created.  If I could wish for one thing, it would be to learn more about the time and place the book is set.

One Isn’t Enough is a wonderful tale of finding love when you least expect it and I look forward to reading Ms. Paradise’s Who Said Three’s a Crowd? and watching Jax find love.


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