Night Warriors by Brenna Lyons


Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60659-152-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



The Night Warriors are cursed to pledge their lives to save innocents from the beasts, vampire creatures that prey on humans.  Corwyn Hunter was born a Cursed Warrior, which is why when the Elder beast Veriel begins stalking a mortal woman named Anna, he must protect her at all costs.  Veriel invades Annaís dreams, using sorcery and seduction to woo her into becoming his mate.  Anna chooses Corwyn as her husband, and despite the danger, bears his child.  Veriel refuses to give up his claim upon both Anna and her unborn offspring. 

Is Veriel obsessed or insane?  No one can understand what lies behind the Mad Elderís fervor or his reasons.  Now everything rests upon the fate of Annaís child.

Night Warriors bursts with action, drama, suspense, and passion from the time you first meet Corwyn Hunter and Anna.  I canít say it enough, and Iím always delighted and amazed.  Brenna Lyons is formidable in the art of world building and storytelling.  This novel delivers and carries its own creative weight, where the contemporary world meets Teutonic legend.  This is not just a tale where a mocking Stone god uses Warriors as weapons against blood drinking monsters; this is about change, never-ending love, family, and devotion.  The best part is how change comes to the Warriors in the most unexpected way and gives new meaning to the old saying that behind every great man is a great woman.

I wasnít certain of what to expect from Night Warriors after reading the Kegin series novels.  While I can say afterwards there is no comparison, this is yet another excellent and outstanding work by a prolific and formidable author whose dedication and talent is reflected in her writing. 


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