Nice and Naughty by Mia Jae

Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe

Resplendence Publishing

Erotic Contemporary Ménage

Reviewed by Nannette



Cassie is too busy with her career to have a relationship. Her cyber boyfriend is just fine for her. When her co-worker Eric makes a move on her, she goes willingly - on one condition: no relationship. When Cassie doesn’t hear from Eric for a while, and her fiends introduce her to Ryan, who’s very interested in her, she decides to give in to their mutual attraction. Eric and Ryan both want something from Cassie. She’s about to become one lucky woman.

Nice and Naughty is an erotic romance that is high on sex and low on story.  Cassie has cyber sex, one night stands, and unprotected sex. She claims to be falling for one guy then jumps into bed with another. Her attitude cheapens her declarations of love. It’s a surprise that Eric and Ryan’s hokey plan to get Cassie actually works. Nice and Naughty is sex with superficial emotion and a shallow storyline.


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