Never Resist Temptation by Miranda Neville


Avon Romance

ISBN: 978-0-006-171591-4

Reviewer: Melissa



Jacobin de Chastelux is stunned to find that her uncle has waged her on a game of cardsÖ..and lost! She refuses to be any manís prize so she runs and calls upon a skill that soon finds her working in the royal kitchens as a chief. Only  her uncle dies from a poisoned dessert at the Royal table and she finds herself on the run again, straight into the kitchens of Anthony, Lord Storrington. Anthony has no idea that that the new chief in his kitchen is the same woman that he won in a bet with her uncle, a man whom he was determined to have his revenge upon, but he knows that heís attracted to her and it doesnít take long for Jacobin to become more to him than a chief. However it doesnít take long for the real killer to find her and for Anthony to find out Jacobinís true identity. As love blooms between them, can they keep Jacobinís from being arrested for her uncleís murder and find their way to happiness?

For a first novel Miranda Neville does a superb job with Never Resist Temptation. A totally engrossing story loaded with passion and suspense that leaves the reader wanting more after the last page! Iíll be looking forward to Miranda Nevilleís next offering!


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