Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh

Nauti Boys, Book 4

Berkley Sensation

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0425226056

Reviewed by Jo



Janey Mackay spent her childhood pretending to be what she wasnít just to keep her brother safe from punishment.  When she finally escaped to college everyone thought she might be safe, finally, but then her father tricked her, drugged her and she was left with a nightmare that just would not go away.  Janey really wants to believe she is finally worth love and in her dreams, she sees just the right person to give it.

Alex Jansen was the person who got Janey out of her nightmare only to be given one of his own as Alex learned exactly what happened that night.  Alex has wanted Janey for many years and has known the entire time that not only is he too old for her, but that her brother would kill him on the first touch.  But right now that doesnít seem to matter as much.

As the town seems to believe the worse about Janey and doesnít care who knows, especially if itís Janey herself, Alex is placed in a position to become very close to her indeed.  Someone is out to kill Janey and with the help of the Mackay boys, Alex is going to keep her not only safe but also his forever.   A madman is coming too close for comfort and is playing a game of show and tell that is becoming deadly.  Too bad no one wants to play by the madmanís terms. 

Extremely intense.  Nauti Intentions brings Janey and Alex up close and very personal.  Janey is determine to have at least one of her dreams come true, even if itís just making the restaurant a success.  Alex knows better than to want Janey, however he is past really caring what the rest of the Mackays will think.  When Janey and Alex finally do come together it is past time and very hot, steamy and erotic. My heart just broke for Janey and I was cheering as Alex stood up to everyone Ė including Janey.  Nothing is against the rules between them, the key words are trust, honesty and most important what feels good.  Ms. Leigh has given yet another Mackay that forever love which was just beyond the fingertips.  Nauti Intentions is so full of erotic passion, just reading it will make you hot, bothered and maybe wanting to be a bit naughty yourself.  I suggest having a cold drink handy Ė just in case.

Iím counting the days until Zeke and Rogue have their story, the next Nauti novel.


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