My Lupine Lover by Stormy Glenn


Gay Paranormal

Reviewed by Cassie



Werewolf Vadim Miroslav is surprised when a man runs into his fatherís study, terrified and needing a place to hide.  Heís even more astonished when the manís scent reveals that heís Vadimís mate.  As soon as he gets rid of the men searching for their omega, he sets about claiming his mate.

Sashenka, otherwise known as Sasha, has spent years being tormented and mistreated by his pack Alpha.  When he stumbles upon Vadim, heís more than ready to be claimed and protected from the cruel Valeriya.  After years of bad treatment, however, heís afraid to trust.  And Alpha Valeriya doesnít seem to want to let him go...

My Lupine Lover is a fast-paced werewolf tale.  Protective Vadim makes an excellent match for Sasha, whoís alternately fearful, playful, and tough.  There are a lot of secondary characters, mostly other pack members, friends, and the eminently hate-able villains.  The revelations of Sashaís past are interesting.  My problem with My Lupine Lover is that everything happens with lightning speed.  Vadim claims Sasha within a few minutes of meeting him.  Sascha seems to get over his mistreatment a lot more quickly than I found believable.  Vadim was a bit too perfect.  My Lupine Lover was a fun read, and I enjoyed it, but I couldnít help feeling that the book could have been great, had there been a bit more emotional conflict to go along with the external ones.  That said, fans of m/m and werewolves who are in the mood for a quick read will most likely find My Lupine Lover fits the bill. 


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