My Forbidden Desire by Carolyn Jewel

Grand Central Publishing


ISBN: 978-0446178242

Reviewed by Jo



Alexandrine Marit is a witch with a problem.  She has received a very powerful talisman and has now come to the attention of a powerful and power hungry mage, who will do anything possible to gave that talisman.  Too bad she isnít that strong of a witch or she might be able to figure out how to make it work.  Alexandrine finds out she is on a mageís hit list when she gets a visit from a person she thought was dead and gains a sexy bodyguard Ė one who doesnít like witches.

Xia is a fiend who was convinced to watch and keep Alexandrine safe and alive.  It would be much easier to be in her company if she wasnít a witch, because Xia would guard her from the inside out in any other circumstances.  Just when Xia and Alexandrine are meeting he finds out yet another reason why he would rather not be her bodyguard, however he did give his word and you donít break promises to his boss.

Alexandrine and Xia want nothing to do with each other, but it quickly becomes apparent that his mission is a deadly one when they are attacked with the intent to kill.  This is just the beginning of an adventure that will pit Alexandrine and Xia against fiends, mageheld old friends and a very deadly mage who has a personal stake in both of them.  Only trust is going to get them through all the attempts to kill or capture them and let them defeat those who want Alexandrine and Xia dead or worse.  Trust would be easier if they could find a way to get past the bone deep attraction they instantly had for each other or maybe they just need to find a way to use that attraction.

My Forbidden Desire is one exciting roller coaster ride when Alexandrine and Xia have to find a way to defeat a deadly and powerful mage.  Alexandrine has made her way through life since her immediate family has died only to find that maybe she is wrong about that fact.  Xia has serious grudges against witches and once he finds out all the facts about Alexandrine, saving her from death or a fate worse than that is not on his top ten list.  Iím not sure which set of fireworks was better Ė the erotic ones between Alexandrine and Xia as they try to find a way to deal with the serious attraction between them or the action packed ones that came when they had to fight for their lives.  Fiends are either free or mageheld by witches in their world, which I found affected both the fiends and witches in various ways.  There were so many unexpected turns, that I was caught up in what would happen next and to whom.  I would have never guessed on the final twist at the end, but wow did it ever set up for even more explosive books in this world.  My Forbidden Desire is action with serious erotic parts from the beginning to the end that will keep you invested until the last page is turned.


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