Mr. Wonderful by Stormy Glenn

Sequel to Sweet Treats


Gay Contemporary

Reviewed by Cassie



Julian Sinclair makes no apology for the fact that heís a colorful gay man who likes big, strong guys.  He dresses in bright colors that tend to scare guys off, but heís not going to change to suit any man.  When his friend Dino drags him out to a club, heís not expecting to meet his perfect man, but he hopes to have a little fun.  He has no idea whatís in store for him at the club.

Darius Alexander, club owner and businessman, is instantly smitten when he sees Julian.  Heís determined to make the man his.  Will his fear of hurting the much smaller Julian ruin their chance at a relationship?

Mr. Wonderful was a book I wanted to love, but I couldnít.  Colorful, flamboyant, heart-on-his-sleeve Julian was a great character.  It wasnít hard to root for him.  Despite being a bit too perfectótoo hot, too wealthy, too niceóDarius was the kind of fairytale guy Julian needed.  I liked the secondary characters, like Dariusí brother, Dillon, and Julianís friend, Dino.  The plot really drew me in at first, too.  Watching Darius try to woo Julian, and then Julianís reaction to Dariusí unwillingness to get physical, was very interesting.  I could even buy the conclusions Julian came to regarding Dariusí motives, flawed as they were.  My problem arose when the conflict escalated to a point that just wasnít believable to me.  I donít want to spoil the story, but a part of the story involving someone from Dariusí past was over the top.  For a story that already had plenty of conflict and emotion, it was too much.  The first half of Mr. Wonderful was quite entertaining, if a bit angst-y, but due to the second half I canít recommend this one. 


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