Missed Connections by Nancy Lindquist

Lyrical Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Shayna



Kat Wilson is a runner, a successful designer of exercise clothing for plus-sized women, and is perfectly content with her life (or so she tells herself).  At a race, Kat meets Eric, race director and certifiable Adonis.  Though sparks fly between the two, Kat never learns more than his name.  That is, until her best friend puts an ad up on Craigslist in the missed connections section.  To Katís surprise, Eric responds to the ad, and to the voluptuous Kat herself.  But will his desire for Kat be enough for her to take a chance and believe they could have a future together?

Missed Connections had a premise that hooked me, but the follow-through somehow never managed to capture my attention.  I was unable to connect with either the hero or heroine.  Missed Connections told me that Kat was smart, strong, and capable but self-conscious.  Yet, I never ďfeltĒ any of this when I read the story, save perhaps for Katís insecurities.  As for Eric, he was the perfect hero.  I appreciated the qualities which made him so perfect, but at the same time his character didnít grab me because I didnít find any humanizing traits to make him feel real to me.

Putting that issue aside, a central focus of the tale is Katís self-consciousness about her weight.  A lot of emphasis was put on this factor, which would have been understandable were Kat the plus-sized heroine the book claims she is.  However, given the height and weight of the heroine provided in the book, itís clear that the heroine is smack dab in the middle of an ideal weight range, so the extensive commentary on her looks seems unwarranted and is, therefore, off-putting.  Perhaps Nancy Lindquist is attempting to make a point about perfectly healthy women being unreasonably self-conscious, but if so, Iím afraid it missed the mark for me.

Ms. Lindquist has a smooth writing style I appreciate, so while this story did not appeal to me, I will perhaps read more of her work in the future.  Unfortunately, Missed Connections missed the mark for me.


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