Maverick by Lora Leigh

Elite Ops, Book 1

St. Martins Publishing

Romantic Suspense

ISBN:  978-0312945800

Reviewed by Jo



Risa Clay was violated in the worst way, by people she should have been able to trust.  After she was rescued, Risa has had a slow recovery and trust is hard to give.  However Risa is tired of hiding and has decided to come out of her shell with the help of some close friends.  Little does she know that they just might have more than helping her in mind when they set up this meeting.

Micah Sloane is a member of the Elite Ops and his mission is two-fold, to protect Risa and to capture an assassin who may have information on both their pasts.  Micah has his own reasons for agreeing to this mission, which are very private until he realizes that Risa is the key to his happiness.  Micah knows that when Risa discovers the truth about his secrets, any trust and feelings she has may disappear. 

Risa does discover the truth about Micah and her friends, but agrees to help with their plan and play as Micahís lover.  Danger comes closer and closer as the plan becomes reality.  Risa decides that Micah is worth a chance and puts her heart on the line knowing the risks. After the bad guys are all caught, will Risaís ultimate trust gain her heartís desire or will Micah walk away and go back into the shadows?

Beware when you friends set your up with the perfect man.  In Maverick Risa discovers this isnít just a wifeís tale.  Risa decides to get back into the world by having a wild night with a man she is set up with.  Micah is everything her friends have said, but he is really much more and has a reason for getting close to Risa.  The sparks flew off the pages when Risa and Micah met and they never stopped.  However they did change from attraction to passion to anger and back again.  I could not flip the pages fast enough to find out just would happen.  I have wondered about Risa since she first appeared in the Naval series and was thrilled to see her book arrive.  There were several times that I was frustrated with Micahís actions and discovered that Risa was more forgiving than I might have been in those circumstances.  Micah and Risaís story could not have been any better and was a spectacular kick off to a new series.  I canít wait for the next Elite Ops books.  Maverick is a must read with kicking suspense and red-hot passion that you wonít want to miss.


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