Mastering Stefan by J.M. Snyder

eXcessica Publishing

Erotic M/M BDSM

Reviewed by Nannette



Stefan thinks heís met the man of his dreams. For a few years now heís been waiting for that special someone to meet his needs and give him what he wants. He thinks heís found it in the mysterious man he meets at a club. If Stefan can prove he is worthy, his search for a Master may finally be over.    

Mastering Stefan is about Stefanís darkest fantasies and the Master who fulfills them.  Stefan has some intense BDSM/ fetish desires.  He is excited by being dominated and giving up control. The potential danger in what he wants adds an edge to the BDSM eroticism.  While Mastering Stefan is a not a romance per se, Masterís desire to keep Stefan forever and Stefanís willingness to belong to Master shows the beginning of a strong commitment. J.M. Snyder shows her writing versatility with the hardcore sex and likeability of the characters in Mastering Stefan.


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