Marry Me Or Die by D.J. Manly

eXtasy Books

Gay Science Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-55487-260-2

Reviewed by Shayna



When the new emperor takes power on Laden, Silus knows everything will change Ė and heís right.  The emperor has declared that all males age eighteen and over must find a mate within the month or else face criminal charges.  For Silus, who doesnít believe love exists and has no interest in being trapped in a monogamous relationship, this decree is unacceptable.  When heís dragged before his judge, the emperorís son Crash, Silus canít believe what heís told.  Crash is in danger of violating his fatherís rule, so heís gives Silus an offer he canít refuse Ė marry him or die.

Opposites attract in this sexy offering from D.J. Manly.  Marry Me or Die is a red-hot read with heart I could not put down.  I flat-out adored Crash.  His brazenness combined with his romantic nature made him a sweet but strong-willed character, a perfect match for Silus.  Silus, though stubbornly refusing to accept that love could be possible (at least in the beginning), was a good balance for the more buoyant Crash.  They tempered one another as they both learned what it really means to love someone.  I didnít want to stop reading Marry Me or Die because I so adored Crash and Silus together and wanted to see them get their happily ever after.  Fast-paced, fun, and sexy as hell, Marry Me or Die is not to be missed!


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