Marked by Passion by Kate Perry

The Guardians of Destiny, Book 1

Grand Central Publishing


ISBN:  978-0446541008

Reviewed by Jo



Gabrielle Sansouci Chin (Gabe) thought she had been released from the role of Guardian until she signed for a package.  Now she is the most reluctant Guardian in the history of scrolls.  Gabe had put her entire past behind her and was just about to grab the gold ring with an art show featuring her work.  Now the ghost of her father is talking to her, her brother has suddenly realized that Gabe exists again and a very sexy, and darkly handsome, man has begun to show up whenever she turns around. 

Rhys Llewellyn, is a treasure hunter who holds a very serious secret. Rhys had a reason to find Gabe but it seems to have changed once he got to know her. Now Rhys wants to keep her safe and with him- preferably in his bed.  Just when she might have fallen for him, Rhys tells Gabe why he found her and it puts a major crimp into the sexy romance of the night.

Danger has come to Gabe, and Rhys is not going to let her be harmed.  But the question is who is behind it and just how many are involved?  While Gabe is trying to learn about the scroll and decide if she can or even wants to be the Guardian, Rhys is right behind her showing her new ways to fight and driving her slowly crazy with heated passion.  Scroll to save – check; ghost of father to annoy – check; Art show to prepare for – check; sexy man to drive her crazy – check; Now all Gabe has to do is figure out who wants the scroll bad enough to kill for it and hope that Rhys is not the person behind it all.

You can’t escape fate, is all that Gabe heard growing up until one act of uncontrolled power harmed a loved one.  In Marked By Passion Gabe will learn that you can’t run from fate after all and also learn more about what really happened all those years ago.  Rhys is a mysterious bad boy that rings Gabe’s bell upon introduction.  The heated response was not something either Rhys or Gabe expected when meeting.  Gabe has just discovered that her past has become intertwined with her present.  Rhys was looking for Gabe, but she was more than he expected.  I was thrilled to watch as two “bad” people with hearts of gold for some things, found their way into love.  The mythology and danger that was a heady part of the plot made Marked By Passion a page-turner for me.  I can’t wait for book two of this interesting series.


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