Lord of Thunder by Linda Mooney

The Thunder Trilogy – Book 1

Whiskey Creek Press – Torrid


ISBN: 978-1-60313-428-6

Reviewed by Tanya



Annie Mayall is excited to move to Montana with the man she thinks is the love of her life.  What happens though is he takes off to the “silver mines” shortly after moving her west and then disappears for years.  After long years alone Annie is adapting and has finally settled into a routine, that is, until one stormy night.  On that fateful stormy night a severely wounded stranger comes to her land, and while he may be the sexiest man she has ever seen, he also has wings.  But Annie is happy to have someone to talk with and to share her meager existence with.  Soon it is evident that the stranger is not only mystical and fascinating but he is teaching her what it means to really love, and be loved.  But, will the happiness last?

I am a fan of most of Ms. Mooney’s writings but, while Lord of Thunder was well written and interesting I think the timeframe where it is set just didn't work for me.  I am not sure why but I just didn't get the "stay up late at night, can't put the book down" feeling that I have from her writings in the past.  Lord of Thunder does have a very interesting idea of dimensional travel being through those 'rock the house' storms.


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