Lady of the Snow by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Shunga Chronicles Book One

Changeling Press

Historical Fantasy, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60521-200-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



The Snow Goddess made Shizuka yuki-onna, snow maiden, after she perished in the snow at the hands of her betrothed, a man who coveted her dowry.  Forever indebted to her supernatural Mistress, Shizuka is sent to take the souls of Lord Hiroaka Ichizo and his second-in-command, Tenshin Satoru, when war and chaos disrupts the Snow Goddess’ peace.  But Shizuka is captivated by these intense warriors who teach her about love and passion.  Will she be able to fulfill her mission without betraying her Goddess and her own heart?

Detailed with lush images of Japanese history and culture, Lady of the Snow captures and spins a unique and fanciful thread on the snow maiden legend.   Every scene is so wonderfully executed that I didn’t doubt for a moment that I’d stepped back in time to feudal Japan.  Never fear, the extras don’t overpower and clog up the story.  The characters are charismatic and believable.  The sex is hot enough to transform a snow storm into the desert.  Lizzie Lynn Lee pours her heart into her writing with a big dollop of skill and heaps of wickedly wanton and superb imagination.  This story is as unique as a snowflake, and I can honestly say that it’s most definitely a Changeling Press gem.


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