I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner by Alecia Monaco

Changeling Press

Vampire, Paranormal, BDSM, M/M, F/F

ISBN: 978-1-60521-102-2

Reviewed by Patrice F.



“I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner”

Jade Simons owns a vampire wedding planning business, which has found its niche with her very special clientele.  She has worked hard to reach her goals.  So when gorgeous master vampire Renaldi D’Aria approaches her on behalf of the happy couple to help with all the details, Jade uses her job to keep him at arm’s length.  Renaldi refuses to take no for an answer.  Why should he resist a beautiful woman that is attracted to him?  He will do everything in his power to overcome her insecurities and to convince her that they belong together.

Where weddings, passion and vampires abound, love is sure to follow.  “I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner” spotlights hot-to-trot vampire hunk Renaldi who set out to dazzle with Italian old world charm.  I’m grateful to him because Jade irritated me with her body image issues sometimes.  The best thing about this story is that he forces her to overcome her self-hatred and to see the beautiful, desirable woman inside and out.  The bedroom scene is enough to level a dozen city blocks.


“Crimson Hungers”

Texas Slayer Squad Agent Katya Stern is hot on the trail of a vampire murderer.  Her investigation takes her to Crimson Hungers, a club that caters to the daylight challenged.  Katya’s gift is that she’s able to track energy signatures.  It’s also part of the reason she stumbles into a metaphysical incident temporarily binding her to owner Rex Fontainebleau.  What follows is an insanely volatile attraction topped with amazing sex.   Although the circumstances aren’t permanent, is it just wishful thinking for a slayer and master vampire to aim for something more once the preternatural juices dry out? 

To reference an old Depeche Mode tune, “I just can’t get enough” of Katya and Rex.   Dynamic, hip, and smart from the moment they first take center stage.  I was willingly led around by their charisma and magically delicious antics.   The pulse point of the plot fades a bit because the plug is yanked a little early, yet this daring duo keep the narrative alive.  Oh, be still my beating heart.   “Crimson Hungers” is the age-old story of hardworking good girl meets naughty hot vamp boy; something you don’t want to miss.


“Black Pearl”

Princess Phaedra is forced to get a job because her spending expenses on clothes, jewelry and trips to the spa are rapidly depleting the royal treasury.  As future Queen of the Fey territory of Texas, she must learn the meaning of sacrifice and discipline.   With zero experience, Phaedra finds work in the vampire district working as a waitress at Black Pearl.  Black Pearl is owned by master vampire Vance, an elite Dom, and the answer to every submissive fantasy that Phaedra has ever conjured up in her mind.  And then some.

Thankfully, Phaedra falls short on not mixing business with pleasure.  Let’s face it.  In a place like Black Pearl serving up Alpha hunk a la Vance, I would have marched into the manuscript to knock some sense into her.  As X-rated and sexually graphic as the scenes are in Black Pearl, the narrative holds true to all the deeply romantic overtones threading throughout each segment.  Vance is powerful and quite old but his ability to feel deeply for others makes him a top notch Dom and partner for Phaedra, who’s just downright adorable.  Who could resist bubble-gum pink hair?  Or want to?


“Virgin Vampire Vixen”

Former Texas Squad Slayer turned rogue, Cameron Zane, despises vampires.  He’s carrying around painful memories and loads of anger against the bloodsuckers, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  He takes on the assignment as personal body guard to Eden Lockhart, future vampire empress.  It’s his duty to protect her from the psycho that’s stalking her.  The real question is who’s going protect her luscious body from him?  Cameron is deranged with desire and he’s willing to break his own rules to get a piece of Eden.

The final installment brings it all full circle in “Virgin Vampire Vixen”, featuring two lost lonely souls who are basically misfits in the human and vampire worlds.  Eden and Cameron are way too feisty and likeable for a pity party.  I was anxious to see them come together, and the fun part is watching their story unfold.   Tempers and passions run high from the time they first meet, so grab the popcorn and expect a pleasantly bumpy ride.  

I Was a Vampire Wedding Planner may be a catchy (and totally cute kitschy) title, but the contents are bursting at the seams with love, lust and action. The collection is vampire supernatural romance at its finest set against Alecia Monaco’s tumultuous paranormal world.  A word to the wise would be to snatch this series up.  You’ll get a royal fang bang for your buck and hours of gritty-urban, sexy reading goodness.


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